Blue Mountains Holistic Family Support

Promoting Gentle Birth Choices & Conscious Parenting Practices




Welcome to a place where we hope to diminish fear, disconnection & guilt. We invite you into our home of love, trust and instilled confidence allowing you to experience the joyful world that pregnancy, birth and parenting can be!

The Blue Mountains Holistic Family Support Network was created by Jacquie Harsh. This service aims to serve as a network for birth, pregnancy & parenting by providing quality support & education to growing families. Our Vision is for women (and their partners) is to enjoy birth, to look forward to it, to take control, and to simply surrender & embrace the miracles of mother nature. All whilst knowing the importance of gentle birth and the impact it will have on their ability to parent consiously. Our services support families informationally, emotionally, and physically through their journeys before, during & after birth into the world of parenting!

We offer Childbirth / Early Parenting Education and Doula Birth/Post Partum services as they go hand in hand, helping to further enhance birth experiences. We are at peace when clients feel prepared, informed and supported to remain in control, Ready to achieve their desired birth and parenting outcomes with confidence and excitement.

In today's society, birthing families are often not provided with the necessary tools enabling them to be fully prepared for the variations of labour and birth.The transitional journey from birth to parenthood can be a very overwhelming one when not informed nor experienced. For first time parents, the transition is one often associated with anxiety & fear, leading to feelings of guilt &  failure. Many expecting women are faced with choices, and are not often provided with the education enabling them to make informed decisions.

At Holistic Family Support we acknowledge and support a woman, and her family, throughout their unique journey from conception to parenthood. We assist with education and support in a respectful and supportive manner. We are dedicated to each unique person and their unique journey, taking into account their past history, their needs and most importantly their wants. Working together we develop a support system, assisting in achieving a safe and satisfying experience.

Giving birth is more than just a physical process. Birth outcomes have the power to effect the short and long term emotional, psychological and physical state of the mother, the baby, and the partner.The process of birth matters immensely, it is the key to the future of your family. It is wrong to look at birth as the end of the journey. It is simply the end of pregnancy, and the beginning of a new and larger challenge called parenthood. Birth is recognised as one of the most significant life events in a womans life, A positive experience is something that she will reminisce over for the rest of her life.Our goal for you is to embrace your newborn baby with a smile on your face and contentment in your heart, ready to cherish and enjoy the newfound challenges of parenting.

Quality Education & Support makes the difference between the outcome of a 'Healthy Mother & Healthy Baby', or a 'Happy, Non-traumatized, Elated, Healthy Mother & Healthy Baby!'